GREEN EARTH ENVIRONMENT PVT. LTD is a Private Limited entity starting with the vision of waste management to protect our environment and the precious life of human being.

Our environment and planet is a gift to human being and it is a legacy of our children it is our utmost responsibility to handover them a healthy and clean environment.

We in Green Earth Environment Pvt. Ltd committed to meet the challenging issues of environmental risk and deterioration including sanitation waste handling, household waste management to recycle it and to make it reusable.

We offer Delhi NCR most reliable and hygienic waste pickup services with well- mannered and technical support for household, Small and Medium Enterprises. We also provide the customized recycling and house-keeping services to larger Housing Societies.

Our company provides a scientific and eco-friendly solution for your waste. We dispose of waste through scientific technology and through innovative way so that it does not create harmful effects to the human being and our environment.

We are a specialized entity to provide the very best in class solution for your Domestic Waste, E-Waste and other House Hold waste with an intention to dispose of it to decrease the threat for environment and society in a hygienic condition where a waste management worker can work in a healthy atmosphere.


GREEN EARTH ENVIRONMENT PVT. LTD. Aim to REDUCE and RECYCLE as much waste as we can and make our environment clean and green, to secure our Planet earth becoming a garbage home.


We aim to provide a one-stop recyclable solution for industries and households alike.


Mr. Rakesh Kumar


Mr. Himanshu singh

(Business Head)

Mr. A.S Rana

(General Manager)